CODEN(USA): PCJHBA Carpian tunnel syndrome: the labor disease of the 21 st century release_favuafbgazdfhnayai56tbn7qu

by Elías Alberto, Bedoya Marrugo, José Del Carmen, Jaimes Morales, Carlos Alberto, Severiche Sierra, Irma Osorio, Giraldo

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abstracts[] {'sha1': 'f07d16b7830fa5577e0cfe6d4a560c0c5154aa23', 'content': 'Introduction: The occupational disease refers to the personal injury that the professional can suffer as a result of the performance of his profession. Among the occupational diseases presented in people who work in offices, nurses, sewers, textiles, flower growers, packers and other jobs that require force and continuous and repetitive movements, is carpal tunnel syndrome, which consists of a neuropathic compression of the median nerve at the wrist level. Objective: To know and deepen the symptomatology of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its repercussion in the workplace. Methodology: An electronic search was carried out in the databases of online journals such as ScIELO, Redalyc, web search engines such as Google and complementary information from the University of Cartagena database. Results: During the selection and examination of several articles it was possible to collect information and to deepen the symptoms of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the close relationship that it has with the work environment, since at present it is a disease classified as of work origin. Conclusion: It was found that, despite having an established belief that working conditions, especially repetitive manual labor, are important factors that increase the risk of CTS, the evidence is not yet sufficient to make such a statement, the studies have not been conclusive and the diagnostic tests are not sufficiently specific of this pathology.', 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}
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title CODEN(USA): PCJHBA Carpian tunnel syndrome: the labor disease of the 21 st century
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