Stirred Tank Two-Liquid Phase Biocatalytic Reactor Studies: Kinetics, Evaluation and Modelling of Substrate Mass Transfer release_f7h5d77oprhfrkbqxfvmq5zzoq

by J. M. Woodley, P. J. Cunnah, M. D. Lilly


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Stereospecific hydrolysis of d,l-menthyl acetate by Bacillus subtilis: mass transfer-reaction interactions in a liquid-liquid system
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Heterogeneous reactions: Analysis, examples and reactor design. Vol. 2: Fluid-fluid-solid reactions
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doi:10.1016/0734-9750(87)90004-8  pmid:14543144 

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Mass Transfer with Simultaneous Chemical Reaction [chapter]
1971   Recent Advances in Liquid–Liquid Extraction

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Biocatalysts in Organic Syntheses
Lilly M. D.

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Biocatalysis in Organic Media
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Biocatalysis in Organic Media
Williams A. C.

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A comparison of pig liver esterase and Bacillus subtilis as catalysts for the hydrolysis of menthyl acetate in stirred two-liquid phase reactors
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Two-Liquid Phase Biocatalysis [chapter]
J. M. Woodley
1990   Biocatalysis

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Woodley J. M.
Biotechnol. Bioeng.