Genetic Diversity of Eight Domestic Goat Populations Raised in Turkey release_ewf3pcqc65c3tdlrk5n4zxn3li

by Zafer Bulut, Ercan Kurar, Yusuf Ozsensoy, Vahdettin Altunok, Mehmet Nizamlioglu

Published in BioMed Research International by Hindawi Limited.

2016   Volume 2016, p1-6


The objective of this study was to determine the intra- and intergenetic diversities of eight different goat populations in Turkey including Hair, Angora, Kilis, Yayladag, Shami, Honamli, Saanen, and Alpine. A total of 244 DNA samples were genotyped using 11 microsatellites loci. The genetic differentiation between breeds was considerable as a result of the statistically significant (<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M1"><mml:mi>P</mml:mi><mml:mo>&lt;</mml:mo><mml:mn fontstyle="italic">0.001</mml:mn></mml:math>) pairwise<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M2"><mml:mrow><mml:msub><mml:mrow><mml:mi>F</mml:mi></mml:mrow><mml:mrow><mml:mi mathvariant="normal">S</mml:mi><mml:mi mathvariant="normal">T</mml:mi></mml:mrow></mml:msub></mml:mrow></mml:math>values of each pair of breeds. Exceptionally,<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M3"><mml:mrow><mml:msub><mml:mrow><mml:mi>F</mml:mi></mml:mrow><mml:mrow><mml:mi mathvariant="normal">S</mml:mi><mml:mi mathvariant="normal">T</mml:mi></mml:mrow></mml:msub></mml:mrow></mml:math>values calculated for Honamli and Hair breeds were statistically nonsignificant (<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M4"><mml:mi>P</mml:mi><mml:mo>&gt;</mml:mo><mml:mn fontstyle="italic">0.05</mml:mn></mml:math>). Heterozygosity values ranged between 0.62 and 0.73. According to the structure and assignment test, Angora and Yayladag goats were assigned to the breed they belong to, while other breeds were assigned to two or more different groups. Because this study for the first time presented genetic data on the Yayladag goat, results of structure analysis and assigned test suggest that further analyses are needed using additional and different molecular markers.
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