Comparative Study of Socio-Economic Status and Intelligence of Low Achievers of Secondary Class Arts Student of Bikaner District release_etp4axskzjhkhiuhwu3cs6f3ay

by Shrinkhla Shodhparak, Vaicharik Patrika, Sharda Goyal

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The strength of a nation depends upon its citizens as is said that not gold, but men, make the country strong. Kothari commission also stresses, "education should be developed so as to increase productivity, achieve social and national integration, accelerate the process of modernization and cultivate social, moral and spiritual values. "Thus there is a great need of such persons who has the drive to push forward the society and to achieve. Academic achievement which is directly related with one's need for achievement and the I.Q It is desirable that right attitudes are developed in youth and they should have need for Achievement as well as be aware with their Intelligence Quotent. Review of Literature Studies Showing Relationship Between Intellgence And Achievement: V.Saran 2017 A study of personality traits of Nursery school children against the back ground of their home environment. D.A. Mathur 2016, the major objectives of the study were: 1. The evaluate the relatives merits of the porschach test as a diagnostic measure for certain selected personality variables for the usage period (2012-14) the bureau of psychology. 2. To assess the concurrent validity of the Rorschach diagnostic indicators for certain selected variables by correlating them with another projective measure of personality and certain objective, measures. Abstract In the modern society, life has become full of competitions. Students have to fact great competition on various fields of life. Since unemployment problem is spread all over the country. Each and every student of our country need a very good academic carrier to get a suitable job which suits him. So emphasized should be given to the high academic achievement. Achievement is highly related to term education. Therefore we have to evaluate our children now and then. Children are like the soft clay and teachers are the post makers. Only teachers can would the children in different and desired shape according to their mental and physical abilities and potentialities. Without guidance children are like a very fertile but uncultivated land. With the help of education, teachers saws the cultural values in the land (children) In this way he modules the children as good and civilized citizen 0f the nation and civilized citizen are the mirror of any nation's prosperity. For good academic achievements proper emphasize must be given to an individual's abilities and potentialities, but in the present education system student has been neglected. The traditional way teacher came into class room and teacher go back. It is not important to know how much a student learned any thing or not? There are many individual difference e.g. individual difference with respect to physical abilities. Mental abilities and personality traits. Socioeconomic status is also very important factor which plays a significant role in academic achievement. Unfortunately this factor is being ignored by the educationists.
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