Benefits of early postoperative jejunal feeding in patients undergoing duodenohemipancreatectomy release_eoykag3n2nb3rl5c6dymjhxewm

by Takehiro Okabayashi, Michiya Kobayashi, Isao Nishimori, Tekeki Sugimoto, Toyokazu Akimori, Tsutomu Namikawa, Ken Okamoto, Saburo Onishi, Keijiro Araki

Published in World Journal of Gastroenterology by Baishideng Publishing Group Inc.
ISSN-L 1007-9327
Volume 12
Page(s) 89
Release Year 2006
Container Type journal
Publisher Baishideng Publishing Group Inc.
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Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Year   2006
DOI  10.3748/wjg.v12.i1.89
PubMed  16440423
PMC  PMC4077486
Wikidata  Q33829891
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