Angiotensin II receptors and renin release in rat glomerular afferent arterioles release_ekortupdgncadfgkv53b72xooq

by Christos Chatziantoniou, Raymond Ardaillou, William Arendshorst, Jean-Claude Dussaule

Published by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Libraries.



Angiotensin II receptors and renin release in rat glomerular afferent arterioles. The purpose of recent studies was to investigate the expression of angiotensin II (Ang II) receptor sites in afferent arterioles freshly isolated from the rat kidney, and the role of Ang II on renin release by these vessels. The method of isolation and purification of renal microves-sels was based on iron oxide infusion into the kidneys and separation of the afferent arterioles from glomeruli and connective tissue with the aid of a magnetic field, successive passages through various sieves, and harvesting with collagenase. Ang II receptor characteristics were evaluated by radioligand binding studies using the non-peptide Ang II antagonists of AT1 (Dup-753 and -532) and AT2 (PD-123319 and CGP-42112) receptors. AT1 antagonists displaced up to 80% of the Ang II binding with high affinity (3 nM), whereas the remaining 20% showed low affinity for the Dup compounds and CGP-42112 (>10 µM), and intermediate affinity for PD-123319 (12 µM). These data suggest the existence of two Ang II receptor subtypes in the renal vasculature of the rat. In separate experiments, renin release by isolated afferent arterioles in vitro was 9 ng/hr/mg under control conditions. Ang II (0.1 µM) inhibited renin secretion by 20%, whereas the adenylyl cyclase activator forskolin (10 µM) stimulated renin secretion by 50%. In arterioles isolated from rats chronically treated with a converting enzyme inhibitor (perindoprilate) to reduce endogenous formation of Ang II, renin release increased 20-fold under control conditions in vitro and was further stimulated by forskolin. These results demonstrate that this preparation is a useful tool to study the functional role of Ang II and the control of renin release in the afferent arterioles.
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