Subcellular localization of lethal lysis proteins of bacteriophages lambda and phiX174 release_ejhosiogk5dhfi5jh62pwtny7q

by E Altman, K Young, J Garrett, R Altman, R Young


The gene products of the lethal lysis genes S and E of the bacteriophages lambda and phiX174, respectively, were shown to be associated primarily with inner membrane material by isopycnic sucrose gradient centrifugation of lysates of infected cells. A small amount of each polypeptide appeared to be in the outer membrane fraction.
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Published in Journal of Virology
ISSN-L 0022-538X
Volume 53
Issue 3
Page(s) 1008-11
Release Year 1985
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Stage   published
Year   1985
PubMed  3156254
PMC  PMC254745
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