Low temperature characterization of high efficiency spin-filter Josephson junctions release_e7vfgx3ttjfirbttvhzcjolugu

by Roberta Caruso, Halima Giovanna Ahmad, Avradeep Pal, Giovanni Piero Pepe, Davide Massarotti, Mark G. Blamire, Francesco Tafuri


The interplay between superconducting and ferromagnetic order pa¬rameters in S/F interfaces gives rise to a wide range of peculiar properties with applications in high-efficiency computation and in the emerging field of super¬conducting spintronics. In NbN/GdN/NbN Josephson junctions, GdN barriers give unique properties due to the double insulting and ferromagnetic nature of the material, as demonstrated in previous works. Here we focus on tunneling spectroscopy of these junctions down to 0.3 K when changing the barrier thick¬ness, which contributes to complete a consistent picture on the physics of these junctions and supports the previous indications of equal-spin Cooper pairs con¬tributing to the total supercurrent of the devices.
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Published in EPJ Web of Conferences by EDP Sciences
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Volume 233
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Release Year 2020
Publisher EDP Sciences

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