Triazole-substituted N-hydroxyindol-2-carboxylates as inhibitors of isoform 5 of human lactate dehydrogenase (hLDH5) release_e6ukbydrf5ggjiklcj3z4f5afi

by Carlotta Granchi, Sarabindu Roy, Claudia Del Fiandra, Tiziano Tuccinardi, Mario Lanza, Laura Betti, Gino Giannaccini, Antonio Lucacchini, Adriano Martinelli, Marco Macchia, Filippo Minutolo

Published in MedChemComm by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
ISSN-L 2040-2503
Page(s) 638
Release Year 2011
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
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Stage   published
Year   2011
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