Double Beta Decay Of Ge-76 Into Excited States Of Se-76 In Gerda release_dowvh3fnqfa2hphihgvjzhvfoq



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> 6.2 · 10 21 (90% CL) Vasilev et al. (2002)

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Study of several double-beta-decaying nuclei using the renormalized proton-neutron quasiparticle random-phase approximation
J. Toivanen, J. Suhonen
1997   Physical Review C

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Civitarese, Suhonen (1994)

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· 10 22

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Stoica, Mihut (1996)

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· 10 21

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Aunola, Suhonen (1996)

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Toivanen, Suhonen (1997)

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Suhonen (2014)

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Iachello (2014)

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Menendez (2014)