Information Theoretical Limits for Quantum Optimal Control Solutions: Error Scaling of Noisy Channels release_dlkjctdqyfhstcv44xhqblibue

by Matthias M. Müller, Stefano Gherardini, Tommaso Calarco, Simone Montangero, Filippo Caruso

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Accurate manipulations of an open quantum system require a deep knowledge of its controllability properties and the information content of the implemented control fields. By using tools of information and quantum optimal control theory, we provide analytical bounds (information-time bounds) to characterize our capability to control the system when subject to arbitrary sources of noise. Moreover, since the presence of an external noise field induces an open quantum system dynamics, we also show that the results provided by the information-time bounds are in perfect agreement with the Kofman-Kurizki universal formula describing decoherence processes. Finally, we numerically test the universal scaling of the control accuracy as a function of the noise parameters, by using the dressed chopped random basis (dCRAB) algorithm for quantum optimal control.
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Type  article
Stage   submitted
Date   2020-06-29
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arXiv  2006.16113v1
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