Publishing Authentic, Private, Personal Data About Service Quality of Healthcare for Pain release_cadg7xlgyzb5jikvj6vhbmy5gm

by Peter Pennefather, West Suhanic, Fatima Lakha, Deborah I. Fels


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impacts (Pullin et al., 2017).

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A systematic review of the processes used to link clinical trial registrations to their published results
Rabia Bashir, Florence T. Bourgeois, Adam G. Dunn
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doi:10.1186/s13643-017-0518-3  pmcid:PMC5494826  pmid:28669351 [PDF]

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Publishing Authentic, Private, Personal Data About Service Quality of Healthc...

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Language-based personality: a new approach to personality in a digital world
Ryan L Boyd, James W Pennebaker
2017   Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences

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Business Wire (2018). Humana, Multiplan, Optum, Quest Diagnostics and United Healthcare launch blockchain driven effort to tackle care provider data issues. (Retr. 25/04/18) https://

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The power of capturing and using information at the point of care
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The Firm and Common Pool Resource Theory: Understanding the Rise of Benefit Corporations
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A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Knowledge Translation Interventions for Chronic Noncancer Pain Management
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Private and Common Property Rights
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Property law and economics vol. 5, 55-106. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Pennefather, P. & Suhanic, W., (2016). Systems and methods for authenticating and aiding in indexing of and searching for electronic files.

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Pennefather. P., and & Suhanic, W., (2017). Systems and methods for atomizing and individuating data as data quanta.

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Pennefather, P., Seaborn, K., & Fels, D., (2018 in press). "Systemic design principles for promoting eudaimonic flourishing through the use of health-care flourishment records." In: Systemic Design, Jones P, Kijiima K (Eds.), London, UK: Springer, (in-press).

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The Importance of Being Authentic: Persuasion, Narration, and Dialogue in Health Communication and Education
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doi:10.1080/07434618.2017.1342690  pmid:28675073 [PDF]
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