The Effect of an Iron Supplement on Lycopene metAbolism and Absorption During Digestion in Healthy Humans release_c2sm6yfnk5henmoirqyzjp3bhq

by Rachel E. Kopec, Catherine Caris‐Veyrat, Marion Nowicki, Jean‐Paul Bernard, Sophie Morange, Chureeporn Chitchumroonchokchai, Beatrice Gleize, Patrick Borel

Published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research by Wiley
ISSN-L 1613-4125
Page(s) 1900644
Release Date 2019-08-13
Publisher Wiley
Primary Language en (lookup)

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Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Date   2019-08-13
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ISSN-L:  1613-4125
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