A Large Private Organization Tests the Best Value Approach Against Traditional Roofing Practices release_bxgnv5rdejglbdhikiztzeda2y

by Alfredo Rivera, Dean Kashiwagi


The Best Value Approach (BVA) is a new project delivery method that has been documented to increase performance and value. It does this by changing the traditional project delivery characteristics of managing the expert and focusing on the technical side of the project, to utilizing the expertise of the experts and using performance information and risk mitigation to manage the project. Large organizations have had difficulty in sustaining the BVA. A large private organization agreed to test the BVA on the replacement of a roofing system on one of its facilities. A case study research was performed on this project, using the grounded research approach, to identify if a large supply chain stakeholder can utilize the BVA to sustain high performance, value, and low price at the same time in a highly competitive marketplace. The research proposal is to document issues and benefits of utilizing the BVA. Identifying why large organizations have an issue with sustaining the approach and being utilized on more projects. The results of the paper will identify issues organizations have with implementing the BVA and the benefits in using the delivery system on construction services. The case study utilizes a stakeholder in the roofing industry supply chain and shows an approach to construction services that utilizes performance information and risk mitigation.
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