Towards the westernized body: a popular narrative reinforced by men's lifestyle magazines in Indonesia release_bddolgi7ifbdrd6xznmgvumlje

by Desi Dwi Prianti


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Sociology in Question
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Lubang Hitam Kebudayaan
Budiman Hikmat.

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Negotiating the Field of Masculinity
Tony Coles
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Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) uses general pronouns to refer to both male and female per- sons. The word si dia does not necessarily refer to a female person. However, from the picture, illus- tration and description used in the article, I took the liberty to conclude that the person in question is a she. Given that same-sex relationships are against cultural views, it would not be possible for the Indonesian media to explicitly promote this kind of message editorially.

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Fitness For Men
2012   Fitness For Men

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Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices
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