Introducing dynamic dosimaging: potential applications for MRI-linac release_azyayhun2ngxvmtsz4oa4cdaey

by P Metcalfe, SJ Alnaghy, M Newall, M Gargett, M. Duncan, G Liney, J Begg, B Oborn, M Petasecca, M Lerch, A Rosenfeld

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High Resolution Silicon Array Detector Implementation in an Inline MRI‐Linac
Sarah J. Alnaghy, Trent Causer, Natalia Roberts, Brad Oborn, Urszula Jelen, Bin Dong, Maegan Gargett, Jarrad Begg (+ more)
2020   Medical Physics (Lancaster)
doi:10.1002/mp.14016  pmid:31917865