Title: A Study of Role of Clinical Pharmacist in Medication Review and Patient Education release_arl4ipzsdbhv3ng6etlu5lknla

by Shah Jainam, Patni Kalyani, Shrikalp Deshpande, Patel Varsha

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abstracts [{'sha1': 'c56e83431d97d6d3b3adbce7566afae5723ffde9', 'content': "Purpose: Identifying, preventing, and resolving the Drug Related Problems (DRPs) is an important issue in healthcare process. Factors leading to DRPs are social pressure to prescribers, inadequate patients' knowledge regarding therapy, structure of health system and pharmaceutical marketing. Method: Fifty adult patients including both genders were recruited for this study. DRPs were assessed using PCNE classification Version 5.01 and patient knowledge was assessed before and after providing education. DRP occurrence was correlated with age, gender, number of drugs prescribed and co-morbid conditions. The patient's knowledge regarding disease, therapy and lifestyle were assessed. For this, the medication related points were more focused such as name, strength, dose, schedule, possible ADRs, etc. Results: The maximum positive correlation was found between DRPs and number of drugs (0.42). Drug interaction is a major factor leading to DRPs in case of polypharmacy. Out of all the classes included in PCNE classification, drug choice was a major problem. The highest number of DRPs was found in the age group of 51 to 60 years i.e. 25 DRPs. Among both the genders, relatively more DRPs were found in females. After education, there was a considerable increase in patients' knowledge by 156.73%. Conclusion: Thus it is concluded from study that if clinical pharmacist proclaims a role in the assessment of DRPs it seems better to focus on the identification, evaluation and prevention of patient-and prescriber-related problems. Clinical pharmacist can also increase patient's knowledge and awareness by providing counselling leading to reduction in DRPs to a greater extent.", 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}]
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