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Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials:  Synthesis, Properties, Modifications, and Applications
Xiaobo Chen, Samuel S. Mao
2007   Chemical Reviews
doi:10.1021/cr0500535  pmid:17590053 

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Preparation and characterization of N–I co-doped nanocrystal anatase TiO2 with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation
Liang Zhou, Jian Deng, Yubao Zhao, Wanbing Liu, Lin An, Fei Chen
2009   Materials Chemistry and Physics
doi:10.1016/j.matchemphys.2009.06.036 [PDF]

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Increasing Solar Absorption for Photocatalysis with Black Hydrogenated Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals
X. Chen, L. Liu, P. Y. Yu, S. S. Mao
2011   Science
doi:10.1126/science.1200448  pmid:21252313 

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Plasma-Enhanced Synthesis of Poly(allylamine)-Encapsulated Ruthenium Dye-Sensitized Titania Photocatalysts
Angela Kruth, Antje Quade, Volker Brüser, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann
2013   Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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Photoelectrochemical Characteristics of N-and S-doped TiO2 with Coumarin
Chiu-Hsuan Lee, Je-Lueng Shie, Ching-Yi Tsai, Ching-Yuan Chang
2014   Journal of Clean Energy Technologies
doi:10.7763/jocet.2014.v2.87 [PDF]

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Li Z, Fang Y, Zhan X, Xu S (2013) Facile preparation of squarylium dye sensitized TiO 2 nanoparticles and their enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 564:138.

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Chen Q, Shi H, Shi W, Xu Y, Wu D (2012) Enhanced visible photocatalytic activity of titania-silica photocatalysts: effect of carbon and silver doping. Catal Sci Technol 2: 1213-1220.

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Seery MK, George R, Floris P, Pillai SC (2007) Silver doped titanium diox- ide nanomaterials for enhanced visible light photocatalysis. Journal of Pho- tochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry. 189: 258-263.

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Immobilization of Silver-based Bimetallic Nanoparticles on Titania-Support for Photocatalysis
J N Kuhn, E Qayyum, V A Castillo, K Warrington, M A Barakat
2013   Journal of Physics, Conference Series

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Visible light photocatalysts—N-doped TiO2 by sol–gel, enhanced with surface bound silver nanoparticle islands
Charles W. Dunnill, Zarrin Ansari, Andreas Kafizas, Stefano Perni, David. J. Morgan, Mike Wilson, Ivan P. Parkin
2011   Journal of Materials Chemistry
doi:10.1039/c1jm11557j [PDF]

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Enhanced Photocurrent Response of Titania-Nanotube Heterojunction Devices Capped with Titanium Disilicide
Hidetaka Ishihara, Ganesh K. Kannarpady, Justin Woo, Alexandru S. Biris
2013   Energy Technology

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A Highly Efficient TiO2–xCx Nano-heterojunction Photocatalyst for Visible Light Induced Antibacterial Applications
Vinodkumar Etacheri, Georg Michlits, Michael K. Seery, Steven J. Hinder, Suresh C. Pillai
2013   ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
doi:10.1021/am302676a  pmid:23379473 [PDF]

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Hole-blocking titanium-oxide/silicon heterojunction and its application to photovoltaics
Sushobhan Avasthi, William E. McClain, Gabriel Man, Antoine Kahn, Jeffrey Schwartz, James C. Sturm
2013   Applied Physics Letters
doi:10.1063/1.4803446 [PDF]

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Titania Nanosheet-Mediated Construction of a Two-Dimensional Titania/Cadmium Sulfide Heterostructure for High Hydrogen Evolution Activity
Jian Zhang, Zhenping Zhu, Yanping Tang, Klaus Müllen, Xinliang Feng
2013   Advanced Materials
doi:10.1002/adma.201303571  pmid:24249582 

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Sato T, Aita Y, Komatsu M, Yin S (2006) Solvothermal synthesis of visible light responsive nitrogen-doped titania nanocrystals. J Mater Sci. 41: 1433- 1438.

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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Fibrous Titania Prepared from Protonic Layered Tetratitanate Precursor in Supercritical Alcohols
Shu Yin, Tsugio Sato
2000   Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

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Yin S, Fujishiro Y, Wu JH, Aki M, Sato T (2003) Synthesis and photocata- lytic properties of fibrous titania by solvothermal reactions. J Mater Process Technol. 137: 45-48.

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Gold-Nanorod-Photosensitized Titanium Dioxide with Wide-Range Visible-Light Harvesting Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance
Lequan Liu, Shuxin Ouyang, Jinhua Ye
2013   Angewandte Chemie International Edition
doi:10.1002/anie.201300239  pmid:23666880 

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A new heterojunction Ag3PO4/Cr-SrTiO3 photocatalyst towards efficient elimination of gaseous organic pollutants under visible light irradiation
Jianjun Guo, Shuxin Ouyang, Peng Li, Yuanjian Zhang, Tetsuya Kako, Jinhua Ye
2013   Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2012.12.038 [PDF]

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Nano-photocatalytic Materials: Possibilities and Challenges
Hua Tong, Shuxin Ouyang, Yingpu Bi, Naoto Umezawa, Mitsutake Oshikiri, Jinhua Ye
2011   Advanced Materials
doi:10.1002/adma.201102752  pmid:21972044 

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Reusch M, Bivour M, Hermle M, Glunz SW (2013) Fill factor limitation of silicon heterojunction solar cells by junction recombination. Energy Pro- cedia. 38: 297-304.

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Brookite versus anatase TiO2photocatalysts: phase transformations and photocatalytic activities
Tarek A. Kandiel, Lars Robben, Ayad Alkaim, Detlef Bahnemann
2013   Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences
doi:10.1039/c2pp25217a  pmid:22945758 [PDF]

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Brookite, the Least Known TiO2 Photocatalyst
Agatino Di Paola, Marianna Bellardita, Leonardo Palmisano
2013   Catalysts
doi:10.3390/catal3010036 [PDF]

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One-pot synthesis of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanorods with anatase/brookite structures and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Ligang Gai, Xiuquan Duan, Haihui Jiang, Qinghu Mei, Guowei Zhou, Yan Tian, Hong Liu
2012   CrysteEngComm

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Synthesis of High-Quality Brookite TiO2 Single-Crystalline Nanosheets with Specific Facets Exposed: Tuning Catalysts from Inert to Highly Reactive
Haifeng Lin, Liping Li, Minglei Zhao, Xinsong Huang, Xiaomei Chen, Guangshe Li, Richeng Yu
2012   Journal of the American Chemical Society
doi:10.1021/ja3014049  pmid:22559221 

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Enhancing Photocatalytic Activity of Polymorphic Titania Nanoparticles by NMP Solvent-based Ambient Condition Process
Sujaree Kaewgun, Christopher A. Nolph, Burtrand I. Lee
2008   Catalysis Letters

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Niraula M, Adhikari S, Lee DY, Kim EK, Yoon SJ, et al. (2014) Titania nanotube-silver phosphate hybrid heterostructure for improved visible light induced photocatalysis. Chemical Physics Letters. 593: 193-197.

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Anatase, Brookite, and Rutile Nanocrystals via Redox Reactions under Mild Hydrothermal Conditions:  Phase-Selective Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties
Ji-Guang Li, Takamasa Ishigaki, Xudong Sun
2007   Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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Haruta M, Date M (2001) Advances in the catalysis of Au nanoparticles. Appl Catal. 222: 427-437.

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Reduction of OH− ions in tellurite glasses using chlorine and oxygen gases
Purushottam Joshi, Billy Richards, Animesh Jha
2013   Journal of Materials Research
doi:10.1557/jmr.2013.341 [PDF]
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