ORIGINAL ARTICLES Wintering of Honeybee Colonies (Apis mellifera L.) by Using a New Technique During Winter Season in Sohag Region, Egypt release_6wsz2nj6fzbbhhz4fd7zlqzsp4

by Nageh Omran

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This work was conducted in Plant Protection This study aimed to increase the activities of honey bee colonies in winter season, to maintain the strength of colonies and production of packages to take greater than normal in the early spring and increase the density of bees to production citrus honey early during spring and Queen rearing during the recession season, depend on the design of the new device, using with Electric-powered containing structured organizer to adjust the temperature inside the bee hive. Through this study, I could record the temperature of the bee hive in the free part of the combs and bees in the winter season, recorded the lowest temperature of the outer edge of cluster was reached to 20.9 and 21°C in Jan. during two season, respectively. The percentage of honey area when using, UN wintering (UNW), Normal wintering (NW) and Heat Device (HD) groups were 9.20%, 18.31% and 72.48% during first season, while in the second season were 3.77%, 10.70%, and 84.27%, respectively. Percentage of pollen area when using (UNW), (NW), and (HD) were 12.50%, 28.39% and 59.27% during first season, respectively, while in the second season were 11.08%, 25.34% and 63.57% respectively. The percentage of sealed brood area were 11.66%, 33.39% and 54.93%, respectively, while in the second season were 11%, 21.06%, and 67.93% and bee population were 27.34%, 36.07% and 36.57% in the first season, while in the second season were 17.84%, 29.57% and 52.57%, respectively. Bee population were 27.34%, 36.07% and 36.57%, when using UNW, NW and HD during first season, respectively, while in the second season were 17.84 %, 29.57% and.52.57%, respectively. When using heating device appeared significant increase in honey area, pollen area, sealed brood and bee population.
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