Integrating GeSn photodiode on a 200 mm Ge-on-insulator photonics platform with Ge CMOS devices for advanced OEIC operating at 2 μm band release_6igaasrjrfbctg6idol2ikchsi

by Shengqiang Xu, Kaizhen Han, Yi-Chiau Huang, Kwang Hong Lee, Yuye Kang, Saeid Masudy-Panah, Ying Wu, Dian Lei, Yunshan Zhao, Hong Wang, Chuan Seng Tan, Xiao Gong (+1 others)

Published in Optics Express by The Optical Society
ISSN-L 1094-4087
Volume 27
Issue 19
Page(s) 26924
Release Date 2019-09-11
Publisher The Optical Society
Primary Language en (lookup)

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Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Date   2019-09-11
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ISSN-L:  1094-4087
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