Rural Women's Empowerment through Education in Southern Nigeria: Implications for Global Food Security release_5v6zyr6idnfu3dq2ovjukj5uhi

by Iruonagbe Tunde Charles, Ozoya Mercy, Edewor Patrick, Chiazor Idowu

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abstracts[] {'sha1': 'ee29d980fe0aefe22d2d48afa4d6f8f5e36c28bc', 'content': "Women empowerment\nhas become a topical issue across the world. However, the trend is often skewed\nagainst rural women. Yet, rural women, who are predominantly farmers, bear several\nburdens both within the family and in the society as a whole. Particularly, as\nit has become generally accepted that the task of attaining food security rests\non the shoulders of rural women. However, rural women farmers do not often have\nthe necessary agricultural productive input such as land, technologies and credit\nfacilities, they require for their farming activities. In addition, they do not\nhave the liberty to participate in leadership roles and decision making. Social\nnorms bar them from these privileges. Data for this paper was obtained from an empirical\nstudy conducted in Edo State, Southern Nigeria. A total number of 457 women were\ninvolved in the quantitative study. Findings show that only 0.2% has attended\nany farmers' education program. This paper combines both empirical data and existing\nglobal literature to affirm rural women as farm managers and argues that since their\nefficiency determines global food security, then the need to educate them cannot\nbe overemphasized. The paper concludes that women should be empowered through\nfarmers' education to be more efficient in their occupation. This action is vital\nfor them to be able to contribute more to global food security.<br><br>", 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': 'en'}
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title Rural Women's Empowerment through Education in Southern Nigeria: Implications for Global Food Security
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