Random Sequencing ofParameciumSomatic DNA release_5uglr3bakzbbtegzwiwxufquni

by Linda Sperling, Philippe Dessen, Marek Zagulski, Ron E. Pearlman, Andrzey Migdalski, Robert Gromadka, Marine Froissard, Anne-Marie Keller, Jean Cohen

Published in Eukaryotic Cell by American Society for Microbiology.

2002   p341-352


We report a random survey of 1 to 2% of the somatic genome of the free-living ciliate<jats:italic>Paramecium tetraurelia</jats:italic>by single-run sequencing of the ends of plasmid inserts. As in all ciliates, the germ line genome of<jats:italic>Paramecium</jats:italic>(100 to 200 Mb) is reproducibly rearranged at each sexual cycle to produce a somatic genome of expressed or potentially expressed genes, stripped of repeated sequences, transposons, and AT-rich unique sequence elements limited to the germ line. We found the somatic genome to be compact (&gt;68% coding, estimated from the sequence of several complete library inserts) and to feature uniformly small introns (18 to 35 nucleotides). This facilitated gene discovery: 722 open reading frames (ORFs) were identified by similarity with known proteins, and 119 novel ORFs were tentatively identified by internal comparison of the data set. We determined the phylogenetic position of<jats:italic>Paramecium</jats:italic>with respect to eukaryotes whose genomes have been sequenced by the distance matrix neighbor-joining method by using random combined protein data from the project. The unrooted tree obtained is very robust and in excellent agreement with accepted topology, providing strong support for the quality and consistency of the data set. Our study demonstrates that a random survey of the somatic genome of<jats:italic>Paramecium</jats:italic>is a good strategy for gene discovery in this organism.
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Year   2002
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DOI  10.1128/ec.1.3.341-352.2002
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