Medium modifications of the nucleon-nucleon elastic cross section in neutron-rich intermediate energy HICs release_5qyi5sdpg5ccliftbh2qamfb24

by Qingfeng Li, Zhuxia Li, Sven Soff, Marcus Bleicher, Horst Stoecker


Several observables of unbound nucleons which are to some extent sensitive to the medium modifications of nucleon-nucleon elastic cross sections in neutron-rich intermediate energy heavy ion collisions are investigated. The splitting effect of neutron and proton effective masses on cross sections is discussed. It is found that the transverse flow as a function of rapidity, the Q_zz as a function of momentum, and the ratio of halfwidths of the transverse to that of longitudinal rapidity distribution R_t/l are very sensitive to the medium modifications of the cross sections. The transverse momentum distribution of correlation functions of two-nucleons does not yield information on the in-medium cross section.
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