Positive airway pressure: Making an impact on sleep apnea release_5pbactslzzckle2ju45zjmyjj4

by C. G. LANCE


Positive airway pressure (PAP) devices deliver a pressurized column of air to open the airway in patients with sleep apnea. For patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea, PAP therapy is the gold standard for treatment, with demonstrated improvements in daytime sleepiness and cardiovascular measures that are superior to conservative treatments. For a variety of reasons, adherence to PAP therapy is a challenge for many patients, resulting in deficits in the frequency and duration of use. To improve use and compliance to therapy, several advanced features are available to enhance comfort, pressure, and humidification factors associated with PAP devices. Patient motivation strategies such as motivational interviews, desensitization protocols, and PAP "NAPs" are also being employed to improve adherence to therapy.
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