Current situation and progress toward the 2030 health-related Sustainable Development Goals in China: A systematic analysis release_5eacohhs7ng5jbjb4s4h6ugwcq

by Shu Chen, Lei Guo, Zhan Wang, Wenhui Mao, Yanfeng Ge, Xiaohua Ying, Jing Fang, Qian Long, Qin Liu, Hao Xiang, Chenkai Wu, Chaowei Fu (+23 others)


The study found that China has made good progress in improving population health, but challenges lie ahead. China has substantially improved the health of children and women and will continue to make good progress, although geographic disparities remain a great challenge. Meanwhile, China faced challenges in NCDs, mental health, and some infectious diseases. Poor control of health risk factors and worsening environmental threats have posed difficulties in further health improvement. Meanwhile, an inefficient health system is a barrier to tackling these challenges among such a rapidly aging population. The eastern provinces are predicted to perform better than the central and western provinces, and women are predicted to be more likely than men to achieve these targets by 2030. In order to make good progress, China must take a series of concerted actions, including more investments in public goods and services for health and redressing the intracountry inequities.
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Volume 16
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Release Date 2019-11-19
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