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by Harry (Ming Qi) Zhang


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Autonomous optical navigation using nanosatellite-class instruments: a Mars approach case study
John Enright, Ilija Jovanovic, Laila Kazemi, Harry Zhang, Tom Dzamba
2018   Celestial mechanics & dynamical astronomy
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Yu. Han, James. Biggs, and Cui. Naigang. An application of adaptive fault-tolerant control to nano-spacecraft. 2nd IAA Conference on Dynamics and Control of Space Systems, January 2014.

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The history of Apollo onboard guidance, navigation, and control
1983   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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A method of orbital navigation using optical sightings to unknown landmarks.
1966   AIAA Journal

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A. R. Eisenman, J. W. Alexander, and R. H. Stanton. CCD sensors for spacecraft optical navigation. In AIAA, Aerospace Sciences Meeting, volume 1, 1979. URL http://adsabs. harvard.edu/abs/1979aiaa.meetS....E.

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Shuang Li, Pingyuan Cui, and Hutao Cui. Autonomous navigation and guidance for landing on asteroids. Aerospace science and technology, 10(3):239-247, 2006.

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Noniterative Horizon-Based Optical Navigation by Cholesky Factorization
John A. Christian, Shane B. Robinson
2016   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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Integrated Performance of an Autonomous Optical Navigation System for Space Exploration
John Christian, E. Glenn Lightsey
2010   AIAA SPACE 2010 Conference & Exposition  unpublished
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Optical navigation during the Voyager Neptune encounter
1990   Astrodynamics Conference  unpublished

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Tom. Dzamba, John. Enright, Doug. Sinclair, Kofi. Amankwah, Ronny. Votel, Ililja. Jo- vanovic, and Geoffrey. McVittie. Success by 1000 improvements: Flight qualification of the st-16 star tracker. 28th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, August 2014.

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Andrew Klesh and Joel Krajewski. MarCO: CubeSats to Mars in 2016. AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, August 2015. URL http://digitalcommons.usu.edu/ smallsat/2015/all2015/16.

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Charles H. Acton. Ancillary data services of NASA's Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility. Planetary and Space Science, 44(1):65-70, 1996.

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Rotation Vector in Attitude Estimation
Mark E. Pittelkau
2003   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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Optical Navigation Using Planet's Centroid and Apparent Diameter in Image
John A. Christian
2015   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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Optical Navigation Using Iterative Horizon Reprojection
John A. Christian
2016   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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A novel interplanetary optical navigation algorithm based on Earth–Moon group photos by Chang'e-5T1 probe
Yanlong Bu, Qiang Zhang, Chibiao Ding, Geshi Tang, Hang Wang, Rujin Qiu, Libo Liang, Hejun Yin
2017   Advances in Space Research

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Moon-Tracking Modes for Star Trackers
John Enright
2010   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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David WIlliams. Nasa-goddard mars fact sheet, June 2017. URL https://nssdc.gsfc. nasa.gov/planetary/factsheet/marsfact.html.

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Parametric Covariance Model for Horizon-Based Optical Navigation
Jacob Hikes, Andrew J. Liounis, John A. Christian
2017   Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics

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Harry. Zhang, John. Enright, and Laila. Kazemi. Landmark-based optical navigation using nanosatellite star trackersr. IEEE Aerospace Conference 2017, June 2017.

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D. A. Vallado and P. Crawford. SGP4 Orbit Determination. AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference and Exhibit, August 2008.