Seismotectonic and the Hipothetical Strike – Slip Tectonic Boundary of Central Costa Rica release_4vepyls5k5fx5lhto7hhj6bthm

by Mario Fernandez


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Seismicity of the Caribbean-Nazca Boundary: Constraints on microplate tectonics of the Panama region
Scott Adamek, Cliff Frohlich, Wayne D. Pennington
1988   Journal of Geophysical Research

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Arias, O, & Denyer, P. Estructura geológica de la región comprendida en las hojas topográfica Abra, Caraigres, Candelaria y Río Grande, Costa Rica. Rev. geol. Amér. Central, (1991). , 12, 61-74.

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Arroyo, I, Sismicidad y neotectónica en la región de influencia del proyecto Boruca: hacia una mejor definición sismogénica del Sureste de Costa Rica. 162 pp. Tesis de Licenciatura, Escuela de Geología, Universidad de Costa Rica, (2001).

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Astorga, A, Fernández, J, Barboza, G, Campos, L, Obando, J, Aguilar, A, & Obando, L. Cuencas sedimentarias de Costa Rica: Evolución Cretácico Superior-Cenozoica y potencial de Hidrocarburos.-Symposium on the Energy and Mineral Potencial of the Central American-Caribbean Region, San José, Costa Rica, March 6-9, 1989, Circum- pacific Council: 23 , 1989.

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Cuencas sedimentarias de Costa Rica: evolución geodinámica y potencial de hidrocarburos
Allan Astorga, José A. Fernández, Guillermo Barboza, Lolita Campos, Jorge Obando, Alvaro Aguilar, Luis Gmo. Obando
2011   Revista Geológica de América Central
doi:10.15517/rgac.v0i13.13074 [PDF]

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Tectonic evolution and sequence stratigraphy of the Central Pacific margin of Costa Rica
Guillermo Barboza, Jaime Barrientos, Allan Astorga
2011   Revista Geológica de América Central
doi:10.15517/rgac.v0i18.13523 [PDF]

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Seismicity and tectonics of the subducted Cocos Plate
George VanNess Burbach, Cliff Frohlich, Wayne D. Pennington, Tosimatu Matumoto
1984   Journal of Geophysical Research

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Camacho, E, Hutton, W, & Pacheco, J. A New at Evidence for a Wadatti-Benioff Zone and Active Convergence at the North Panama Deformed Belt, Bull. Seism. Soc Amer- ica, N. 1, (2010). , 100, 343-348.

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A new estimate for present-day Cocos-Caribbean Plate motion: Implications for slip along the Central American Volcanic Arc
Charles DeMets
2001   Geophysical Research Letters
doi:10.1029/2001gl013518 [PDF]

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Estratigrafía de la Región Central de Costa Rica
Percy Denyer Ch., Olma Arias M.
2011   Revista Geológica de América Central
doi:10.15517/rgac.v0i12.13039 [PDF]

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Seismotectonic and the Hipothetical Strike -Slip Tectonic Boundary of Central Costa Rica

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Fan, G, Beck, S, & Wallace, T. A Diffuse Transcurrent Boundary Boundary in Central Costa Rica: Evidence From a Portable Aftershock Study (Abstract), Eos. Trans., AGU, 73, 345, (1992).

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The seismic source parameters of the 1991 Costa Rica Aftershock Sequence: Evidence for a transcurrent plate boundary
Guangwei Fan, Susan L. Beck, Terry C. Wallace
1993   Journal of Geophysical Research

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Fernández, J, Botazzi, G, Barboza, G, & Astorga, A. Tectónica y estratigrafía de la Cuenca Limón Sur. Rev. Geol. Amér. Central, v. esp. Terremoto de Limón: (1994). , 15-28.

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Fernández, M. Análisis sísmico en la parte central de Costa Rica y evaluación del hi- potético sistema de falla transcurrente de Costa Rica, Tesis de maestría, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 85 , 1995.

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Fernandez, M, Camacho, E, Molina, E, Marroquin, G, & Strauch, W. Seismicity and neotectonic of Central America, in: Bundschuh, J., Alvarado, G. (eds), Central Ameri- ca-Geology, Resource and Hazards;
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