Polymer-encapsulated organic nanocrystals for single photon emission release_4sp2fxbbmjbufpp6rpfjzvq5h4

by Ross C. Schofield, Dominika P. Bogusz, Rowan A. Hoggarth, Salahuddin Nur, Kyle D. Major, Alex S. Clark


We demonstrate an emulsion-polymerisation technique to embed dibenzoterrylene-doped anthracene nanocrystals in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) nanocapsules. The nanocapsules require no further protection after fabrication and are resistant to sublimation compared to unprotected anthracene. The room temperature emission from single dibenzoterrylene molecules is stable and when cooled to cryogenic temperatures we see no change in their excellent optical properties compared to existing growth methods. These now robust nanocapsules have potential for surface functionalisation and integration into nanophotonic devices, where the materials used are compatible with incorporation in polymer-based designs.
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Date   2020-05-05
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