Pre-registration of mathematical models release_4nqcuuvag5fmtc5ne7tedswk7u

by John Ioannidis

Published in Mathematical Biosciences by Elsevier BV.

2022   p108782


Pre-registration is a research practice where a protocol is deposited in a repository before a scientific project is performed. The protocol may be publicly visible immediately upon deposition or it may remain hidden until the work is completed/published. It may include the analysis plan, outcomes, and/or information about how evaluation of performance (e.g. forecasting ability) will be made Pre-registration aims to enhance the trust one can put on scientific work. Deviations from the original plan, may still often be desirable, but pre-registration makes them transparent. While pre-registration has been advocated and used to variable extent in diverse types of research, there has been relatively little attention given to the possibility of pre-registration for mathematical modeling studies. Feasibility of pre-registration depends on the type of modeling and the ability to pre-specify processes and outcomes. In some types of modeling, in particular those that involve forecasting or other outcomes that can be appraised in the future, trust in model performance would be enhanced through pre-registration. Pre-registration can also be seen as a component of a largest suite of research practices that aim to improve documentation, transparency, and sharing - eventually allowing better reproducibility of the research work. The current commentary discusses the evolving landscape of the concept of pre-registration as it relates to different mathematical modeling activities, the potential advantages and disadvantages, feasibility issues, and realistic goals.
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