Effect ofSolvents on Curing Process of Photopolymerizable Ceramic Suspensions release_3ovnol22rjcdheeqlbze3xdbn4

by P. Falkowski, A. Grzelak


<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> The effect of solvent on rheological properties and way of preparation of ceramic suspensions or dispersions was presented. The research showed that in case of applied polyester resin the water cannot be used in preparation of UV curable suspensions. However, the highly loaded ceramic dispersion in UV curable media can be prepared if the water is replaced by PEG. Thus, the dispersions with good homogeneity and solids content up to 45-50vol.% of alumina can be obtained. The dispersion prepared in this way can be tape casted and UV cured.
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Published in Archives of Metallurgy and Materials by Walter de Gruyter GmbH
ISSN-L 1733-3490
Volume 58
Page(s) 1411-1414
Release Date 2013-12-01
Publisher Walter de Gruyter GmbH

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Date   2013-12-01
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