Supporting Communication Processes for Cooperative Planning and e-Government release_2ptg6ngqnbawhbwzv3iuo64cwe

by Angi Voss, Stefanie Roeder, Oliver Märker, Angi Voss, Dipl.-Ing Roeder, Dipl.-Geogr Märker


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Intelligent Support for Geographic Data Analysis and Decision Making in the Web
N Andrienko , G Andrienko

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Planning Support Systems and the New Logic of Computation
M Batty

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Implementation plan for the
I Bundonline

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Standards und Architekturen für eGovernment Anwendungen
I Bundonline , Saga

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Mediation Systems
T Gordon , O Märker

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Basisdaten für die städtebaulichen Planung: UrbanIS-Konzept eines Informationssystems
Alexander Gräf, Susanne Rinsche, Bernd Streich  unpublished [PDF]

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Classification of location models
Horst W. Hamacher, Stefan Nickel
1998   Location Science

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New tools for spatial analysis and planning as components of an incremental planning-support system. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design
H Kammeier

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Internet-based Citizen Participation in the City of Esslingen. Relevance-Moderation-Software. in CORP 2002-Who plans Europe's future?
O Märker , H Hagedorn , M Trénel

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Use Case: Internet Public Hearing in the City of Esslingen. in Knowledge Management in e-Government-KMGov
O Märker , B Morgenstern , H Hagedorn , M Trenél

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E-Partizipation im Kontext einer nachhaltigen Siedlungsentwicklungssteuerung
O Märker , A Voss , S Roeder , U Rottbeck

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An architecture for the SPIN! spatial data mining platform
M May , A Savinov

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Information oder Wissen-vollzieht sich ein Paradigmenwechsel
J Mittelstraß

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New language for new leverage: the terminology of knowledge management
P Murray

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On The Planning Crisis: Systems Analysis of the First and Second Generation
H Rittel

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Group decision support for patial planning and e-government
S Roeder , A Voss

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Was ist bloß mit der Planung los? Erkundungen auf dem Weg zum kooperativen Handeln
K Selle

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E-discourses with Zeno
A. Voss
DEXA Workshops
doi:10.1109/dexa.2002.1045914  dblp:conf/dexaw/Voss02 

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IT-support for mediation in spatial decision making
A Voss , S Roeder

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Spatial Discourses in Participatory Decision Making
A Voss , S Roeder , S Salz , S Hoppe

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Group decision support for spatial planning
A Voss , H Voss , P Gatalsky , L Oppor