Structural Analysis of Variability and Interaction of the N-terminal of the Oncogenic Effector CagA of Helicobacter pylori with Phosphatidylserine release_2n66farjcjasfmcu5a7st5qgri

by Cindy Ulloa-Guerrero, Maria Delgado, Carlos Jaramillo

Published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences by MDPI AG.

2018   Volume 19, Issue 10, p3273


Helicobacter pylori cytotoxin-associated gene A protein (CagA) has been associated with the increase in virulence and risk of cancer. It has been demonstrated that CagA's translocation is dependent on its interaction with phosphatidylserine. We evaluated the variability of the N-terminal CagA in 127 sequences reported in NCBI, by referring to molecular interaction forces with the phosphatidylserine and the docking of three mutations chosen from variations in specific positions. The major sites of conservation of the residues involved in CagA–Phosphatidylserine interaction were 617, 621 and 626 which had no amino acid variation. Position 636 had the lowest conservation score; mutations in this position were evaluated to observe the differences in intermolecular forces for the CagA–Phosphatidylserine complex. We evaluated the docking of three mutations: K636A, K636R and K636N. The crystal and mutation models presented a ΔG of −8.919907, −8.665261, −8.701923, −8.515097 Kcal/mol, respectively, while mutations K636A, K636R, K636N and the crystal structure presented 0, 3, 4 and 1 H-bonds, respectively. Likewise, the bulk effect of the ΔG and amount of H-bonds was estimated in all of the docking models. The type of mutation affected both the ΔG ( χ 2 ( 1 ) = 93.82 , p-value < 2.2 × 10 − 16 ) and the H-bonds ( χ 2 ( 1 ) = 91.93 , p-value < 2.2 × 10 − 16 ). Overall, 76.9% of the strains that exhibit the K636N mutation produced a severe pathology. The average H-bond count diminished when comparing the mutations with the crystal structure of all the docking models, which means that other molecular forces are involved in the CagA–Phosphatidylserine complex interaction.
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