Clinical epidemiological study of Hepatitis B and C release_2culpgevtbejxccv7zr5yjl2xe

by Abid Ali, Khalil-Ur-Rahman, Nazish Jahan, Mazhar Abbas

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abstracts [{'sha1': 'eed7716ebb1cc90695ce40a9b9cfec0c31e37869', 'content': 'Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver and is caused by some specific RNA & DNA viruses. Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is a partially double stranded DNA virus. HBV infection is parentally transmitted and is not transmitted through intact skin. HCV is a single stranded RNA virus and HCV shows considerable heterogeneity, particularly in the viral envelope. The clinical effect of adefovir dipivoxil regimen was compared with lamivudine in the management of chronic hepatitis B patients. The clinical effect of regimen of peg interferon alfa 2a with those of a regimen of interferon alfa 2a in the initial treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C was also compared. High prevalence of HCV in female in Pakistan may be due to illiteracy and non preventable behavior of female. Peg interferon alfa-2a was found more potent as it was associated with a higher rate of virological response than that of interferon alfa-2a at week 24 (72.7% versus 68.18%). The response of adefovir dipivoxil associated with a higher rate of HBV DNA reduction with those of a regimen of lamivudine in the management of patients with chronic hepatitis B was (72.7% versus 62.5%). Adverse events were similar across groups; including upper respiratory symptoms, headache, back pain and diarrhea. Capsule Summary: Clinical epidemiological study of hepatitis B and hepatitis C were studied and clinical effects of adefovir dipivoxil and lamivudine in the management of chronic hepatitis B patients were compared. The response of adefovir dipivoxil found associated with a higher rate of HBV DNA reduction versus lamivudine in the management of chronic hepatitis B. Cite This Article As: A. Ali, Khalil-ur-Rahman, N. Jahan, M. Iqbal and M. Abbas. Clinical epidemiological study of Hepatitis B and C. Current Science Perspectives 1(3) (2015) 91-95 Current Science Perspectives 1(3) (2015) 91-95', 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}]
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title Clinical epidemiological study of Hepatitis B and C
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