Novel Gain-of-Function Mutation in Stat1 Sumoylation Site Leads to CMC/CID Phenotype Responsive to Ruxolitinib release_r4hnlmsogrdyla2efskanvq24m [as of editgroup_x4ljjjgntvhdfcey3y3vge2qve]

by Tariq Al Shehri, Kimberly Gilmour, Florian Gothe, Sam Loughlin, Shahnaz Bibi, Andrew D. Rowan, Angela Grainger, Thivytra Mohanadas, Andrew J. Cant, Mary A. Slatter, Sophie Hambleton, Desa Lilic (+1 others)

Published in Journal of Clinical Immunology by Springer Science and Business Media LLC
ISSN-L 0271-9142
Release Date 2019-09-11
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Date   2019-09-11
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