Lactation performance of dairy cows fed rehydrated and ensiled corn grain differing in particle size and proportion in the diet release_7w7gb2u4wvbarefyypotz66jpa [as of editgroup_x4ljjjgntvhdfcey3y3vge2qve]

by Lucas P. Castro, Marcos N. Pereira, Julia D.L. Dias, Douglas V.D. Lage, Eugenio F. Barbosa, Ricardo P. Melo, Karla Ferreira, Josué T.R. Carvalho, Fabiana F. Cardoso, Renata A.N. Pereira

Published in Journal of Dairy Science by American Dairy Science Association
ISSN-L 0022-0302
Release Year 2019
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Publisher American Dairy Science Association
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Year   2019
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