Crowdsourced User-Testing
Bachelor Thesis Presentation "Leveraging Human Computation for Quality Assurance in Open Source Communities" release_kh6e4xrxy5e53iz555jbn3w72a [as of editgroup_rrxqtibgqzfk7chzcifixu63x4]

by Johannah Sprinz

Published in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU).



The presented thesis investigates facilitating software quality assurance in open source communities through a human computation platform. Inexperienced community members can contribute formalized user testing data, which is then aggregated and presented to the developers. The implemented prototype, named open crowdsourced user-testing suite (OPEN-CUTS), was evaluated in a usability study in the UBports Community. The viability of this approach has been demonstrated, and further goals for research and development are proposed.
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Year   2022
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