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by P.Gangai, K.Selvam

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The present paper represents an attempt to study the Climatic Classification of Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu by using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Pudukkottai district is one of the drought prone areas of Tamil Nadu and it has a long history of rainfall fluctuations of varying lengths and intensities. The aridity index ranges from 28% to 75% and the average is 59% and the mean annual moisture index of the study area is 40%. The entire study area is under megathermal regime of climate (A 4-7) conforming to the tropical pattern. Based on moisture index, seasonal variation of effective moisture, thermal efficiency and summer concentration of thermal efficiency, the district has been brought under 20 sub-types within 3 major climatic types. Out of 20 sub climatic types, only one type of Dry Subhumid (C1), 14 climatic combination from Semi Arid (D) and 5 unique types from Arid (E) climatic region. About 84% of the district fall under semi arid climate and distributed throughout the district.
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Date   2018-12-10
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