The Evolution of HD2 Proteins in Green Plants release_27rp7fkv3jeibdwkqdgpnfc7z4 [as of editgroup_ogm2gw6vlfcypewaaotkj5m7ky]

by Stevenson,DW; Graham, SW; Aimé, S; Lehotai, N; Yan, Z; Edger, PP; Pires, JC; Wendehenne, D; Leebens-Mack,JH; Xie, Y; Soltis, DE; Chase,MW ; Jeandroz, S; Grandperret, V; Bourque, S ; Rothfels, CJ; Wong, GKS; Melkonian,M ; Wu, S; Deyholos,MK ; Miles, NW ; Wang, X ; Carpenter, EJ; Nicolas-Francès, V

Published by University of Alberta Libraries
Release Year 2016
Publisher University of Alberta Libraries
Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Year   2016
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