Comparing survival predicted by the diagnosis-specific Graded Prognostic Assessment (DS-GPA) to actual survival in patients with 1–10 brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery release_obtjmbtfonhatcopl76a5byrq4 [as of editgroup_n2s75keduvh25fqbaj5qz7arse]

by Steven Nagtegaal, An Claes, Karijn Suijkerbuijk, Franz Schramel, Tom Snijders, Joost Verhoeff

Published in Radiotherapy and Oncology by Elsevier BV
ISSN-L 0167-8140
Volume 138
Page(s) 173-179
Release Year 2019
Publisher Elsevier BV
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Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Year   2019
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