Combined ischemic and rapamycin preconditioning alleviated liver ischemia and reperfusion injury by restoring autophagy in aged mice release_jtktpjayunbetkdxx7igoovoc4 [as of editgroup_n2s75keduvh25fqbaj5qz7arse]

by Tao Jiang, Feng Zhan, Zhuqing Rao, Xiongxiong Pan, Weizhe Zhong, Yu Sun, Ping Wang, Ling Lu, Haoming Zhou, Xuehao Wang

Published in International Immunopharmacology by Elsevier BV
ISSN-L 1567-5769
Volume 74
Page(s) 105711
Release Year 2019
Publisher Elsevier BV
Primary Language en (lookup)
Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Year   2019
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ISSN-L:  1567-5769
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