Metabolomic Analysis of Liver Tissues for Characterization of Hepatocellular Carcinoma release_npnqgeq6d5f3zdu2f2pb3lehqq [as of editgroup_fbgjykyjzfacbdnmuvl7q5oooe]

by Alessia Ferrarini, Cristina Di Poto, Shisi He, Chao Tu, Rency S Varghese, Abdalla Kara Balla, Meth Jayatilake, Zhenzhi Li, Kian Ghaffari, Ziling Fan, Zaki A. Sherif, Deepak Kumar (+3 others)

Published in Journal of Proteome Research by American Chemical Society (ACS)
ISSN-L 1535-3893
Release Date 2019-06-12
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Publisher American Chemical Society (ACS)
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Stage   published
Date   2019-06-12
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