Genome analysis and Hi-C assisted assembly of Elaeagnus angustifolia L., a deciduous tree belonging to Elaeagnaceae release_bqfg4kzvnzcnfnd47n7qm6gy5u [as of editgroup_fbgjykyjzfacbdnmuvl7q5oooe]

by Yunfei Mao, Qin Hu, Manman Zhang, Lu Yang, Lulu Zhang, Yunyun Wang, Yijun Yin, Huiling Pang, Yeping Liu, Xiafei Su, Song Li, XinXing Cui (+7 others)


<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:italic>Elaeagnus angustifolia</jats:italic> L. is a deciduous tree of the <jats:italic>Elaeagnaceae</jats:italic> family. It is widely used in the study of abiotic stress tolerance in plants and for the improvement of desertification-affected land due to its characteristics of drought resistance, salt tolerance, cold resistance, wind resistance, and other environmental adaptation. Here, we report the complete genome sequencing using the Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) platform and Hi-C assisted assembly of <jats:italic>E. angustifolia</jats:italic>. A total of 44.27 Gb raw PacBio sequel reads were obtained after filtering out low-quality data, with an average length of 8.64 Kb. And 39.56 Gb clean reads was obtained, with a sequencing coverage of 75×, and Q30 ratio &gt; 95.46%. The 510.71 Mb genomic sequence was mapped to the chromosome, accounting for 96.94% of the total length of the sequence, and the corresponding number of sequences was 269, accounting for 45.83% of the total number of sequences. The genome sequence study of <jats:italic>E. angustifolia</jats:italic> can be a valuable source for the comparative genome analysis of the <jats:italic>Elaeagnaceae</jats:italic> family members, and can help to understand the evolutionary response mechanisms of the <jats:italic>Elaeagnaceae</jats:italic> to drought, salt, cold and wind resistance, and thereby provide effective theoretical support for the improvement of desertification-affected land.
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