Феноменологія нудьги: 'досвід без властивостей' Тарас Добко Український католицький release_pxlleglh2re23pu6kyflfgb3xy [as of editgroup_eo77mn6ecreaxjnm7qrcqlsule]

by Тарас Добко

Published in Studia Bobolanum by Studia Bobolanum, the Catholic Academy in Warsaw - Collegium Bobolanum.

2020   Volume 31, p289-305


The article offers phenomenological analysis of the nature of boredom as an "experience without qualities". The distinction between ordinary and profound boredom, the human person's relationship with the world as well as the world's way of givenness in the experience of boredom, is brought to evidence. The experience of inner void peculiar to boredom and its sources is discussed. The experience of boredom uniquely discloses the human person's vocation to enter the dialogue with reality and as it were from the opposite, manifests the objective nature of human happiness.
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Date   2020-12-10
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