Web-Based Cognitive Writing Instruction (Wecwi): A Hybrid E-Framework For Instructional Design release_6a4ck6b74bbp5m573grfdwbwdu [as of editgroup_5hkd77zvgvctzk54xrx2muazam]

by Boon Yih Mah

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Web-based Cognitive Writing Instruction (WeCWI) is<br> a hybrid e-framework for the development of a web-based instruction<br> (WBI), which contributes towards instructional design and language<br> development. WeCWI divides its contribution in instructional design<br> into macro and micro perspectives. In macro perspective, being a 21st<br> century educator by disseminating knowledge and sharing ideas with<br> the in-class and global learners is initiated. By leveraging the virtue<br> of technology, WeCWI aims to transform an educator into an<br> aggregator, curator, publisher, social networker and ultimately, a<br> web-based instructor. Since the most notable contribution of<br> integrating technology is being a tool of teaching as well as a<br> stimulus for learning, WeCWI focuses on the use of contemporary<br> web tools based on the multiple roles played by the 21st century<br> educator. The micro perspective in instructional design draws<br> attention to the pedagogical approaches focusing on three main<br> aspects: reading, discussion, and writing. With the effective use of<br> pedagogical approaches through free reading and enterprises,<br> technology adds new dimensions and expands the boundaries of<br> learning capacity. Lastly, WeCWI also imparts the fundamental<br> theories and models for web-based instructors' awareness such as<br> interactionist theory, cognitive information processing (CIP) theory,<br> computer-mediated communication (CMC), e-learning interactionalbased<br> model, inquiry models, sensory mind model, and leaning styles<br> model.
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