Advanced analytical mass spectrometric techniques and bioassays to characterize untreated and ozonated oil sands process-affected water release_h67t3s3i7jac3gyzajpi7yk4xy [as of editgroup_3bhqkgm3nfdgdeb2q2wbd3bqde]

by Sun, N.; Chelme-Ayala, P.; Tierney, K. B.; Blunt, B. J.; Islam, M. S.; Reichert, M; Belosevic, M.; Klamerth, N.; Drzewicz, P.; Hagen, M.; Perez-Estrada, L.; El-Din, M. G.; McPhedran, K. N.

Published by University of Alberta Libraries
Release Year 2014
Publisher University of Alberta Libraries
Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Year   2014
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