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2018-07-04 The effects of facemasks on airway inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in healthy young adults: a double-blind, randomized, controlled crossover study
published | article-journal
2019-04-01 Ammonia emission control in China would mitigate haze pollution and nitrogen deposition, but worsen acid rain
published | article-journal
2020-02-18 Susceptibility of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to air pollution exposure in Beijing, China: A case-control panel study (COPDB)
published | article-journal
2020-07-23 Why is the Indo-Gangetic Plain the region with the largest NH<sub>3</sub> column in the globe during pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons?
published | article-journal | CC-BY
2019-04-30 High efficiency of livestock ammonia emission controls in alleviating particulate nitrate during a severe winter haze episode in northern China
published | article-journal | CC-BY
2016-06-15 Supplementary material to "Evaluating Vehicle Emission Control Policies using on-Road Mobile Measurements and Continuous Wavelet Transform: a Case Study during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, China 2014"
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2017-04-19 Supplementary material to "Mixing State of Refractory Black Carbon of the North China Plain Regional Aerosol Combining a Single Particle Soot Photometer and a Volatility Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer"
unknown status | post
2020-08-05 Simultaneous measurements of urban and rural particles in Beijing – Part 2: Case studies of haze events and regional transport
published | article-journal | CC-BY
2020-08-28 response to reviewer
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2020-11-11 Estimating Spatiotemporal Variation in Ambient Ozone Exposure during 2013–2017 Using a Data-Fusion Model
published | article-journal
2019-03-29 Supplementary material to "Evaluation of Anthropogenic Emissions and Ozone Pollution in the North China Plain: Insights from the Air Chemistry Research in Asia (ARIAs) Campaign"
unknown status | post
2020-09-28 Understanding sources of fine particulate matter in China
published | article-journal
2020-12-18 Effects of AIR pollution on cardiopuLmonary disEaSe in urban and peri-urban reSidents in Beijing: protocol for the AIRLESS study
published | article-journal | CC-BY
2020-09-16 response to reviewer2
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2020-09-16 response to reviewer1
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2020 Associations between changes in adipokines and exposure to fine and ultrafine particulate matter in ambient air in Beijing residents with and without pre-diabetes
published | article-journal | CC-BY-NC
2021-01-06 Clean air actions in China, PM2.5 exposure, and household medical expenditures: A quasi-experimental study
published | article-journal | CC-BY
2014-10-17 Supplementary material to "Impact of pollution controls in Beijing on atmospheric oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) during the 2008 Olympic Games: observation and modeling implications"
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2021-01-14 Organic Iodine Compounds in Fine Particulate Matter from a Continental Urban Region: Insights into Secondary Formation in the Atmosphere
published | article-journal
2021-02-17 Observation of strong NO<sub>x</sub> release over Qiyi Glacier, China
unknown status | post | CC-BY
2015-10-06 Supplementary material to "High-resolution ammonia emissions inventories in China from 1980–2012"
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2021-02-16 Transition in Air Pollution, Disease Burden and Health Cost in China: A Comparative Study of Long-term and Short-term Exposure
published | article-journal
2021-03-05 General discussion: Sources, sinks and mitigation methods; evaluation of health impacts
published | article-journal
2021-02-17 Supplementary material to "Observation of strong NO<sub>x</sub> release over Qiyi Glacier, China"
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