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A preliminary study on methods to improve information protection, management, and supervision policies as the data economy ages
데이터 경제와 정보보호 관리·감독제도의 개선에 대한 검토

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Kyung-June Lee, Hyun-Kyung Kim
2020 | IT & LAW REVIEW

The Copyright Act of Korea as the Seesaw at Playground between the Protection of an Author and a Creative Industry - Lessons from 'Cloud Bread' case showing problems of protection of author
저작자 보호와 문화산업 발전의 '시소 놀이터'가 된 현행 저작권법 - '구름빵' 사건이 보여준 현행 저작권법의 모순과 저작자 보호를 위한 방안 모색

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Daeheon Bae
2020 | IT & LAW REVIEW

Exceptions to Warrant Requirement and Limits to Searches for Digital Data stored on Cell Phones - With respect to US v. Cano (2019) -
영장주의의 예외와 휴대폰 전자증거 수색의 한계 - 미국의 United States v. Cano 판례 (2019)와 관련하여 -

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Jong-Goo Kim
2020 | IT & LAW REVIEW

Protection of Personal Data v. Free International Flowing: the Present and Future of International Law
개인데이터의 보호 대(對) 자유로운 국제이동: 국제법의 현재와 미래

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Byung-Woon Lyou
2020 | IT & LAW REVIEW

Ethical and legal difficulties and solutions that need to be solved before autonomous vehicles are commercialized -Focused on ethical guidelines and moral machine experiments
자율주행차량이 상용화되기 전에 해결되어야 할 윤리적ㆍ법적 난제와 그 해법 - 윤리적 가이드라인과 Moral Machine Experiment를 중심으로 -

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Sung-Ryong Kim
2020 | IT & LAW REVIEW
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