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The Effects of Gender Equality Activities Using Picture-books on 4-year old Children's Sex Role Stereotypes
그림책을 활용한 양성평등활동이 만 4세 유아의 성역할 고정관념에 미치는 영향

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Eun-Kyoung Park, Jungwon Kim
2021 | Journal of Parent Education

Parenting activities for mothers with infant children Effects on parental efficacy and happiness
영유아기 자녀를 둔 어머니의 육아자조모임 활동이 부모효능감과 행복감에 미치는 영향

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soojung Kim, Youme Lee
2021 | Journal of Parent Education

The Parallel Multiple Mediating Effect of Young Children's Self-regulation on the Relationship Between Maternal Parenting Stress and Young Children's Smartphone Overdependence
어머니 양육스트레스와 유아 스마트폰 과의존의 관계에서 유아 자기조절력의 병렬다중매개효과

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Joung-me Song, Misuk Cha
2021 | Journal of Parent Education

An Analysis on Changes of Best Practices Contest Project for Parents' Participation in Education and Contents of Best Practices in 2019
학부모 교육참여 우수사례 공모사업의 변화와 2019년 우수사례 내용 분석

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Saerom Park, Kangyi Lee
2021 | Journal of Parent Education

The Mediating Effect of Disconnection and Rejection Schema and Rejection Sensitivity in the Relationship between Parenting Attitudes and Social Anxiety
대학생이 지각한 부모 양육태도와 사회불안의 관계에서 단절 및 거절도식과 거부민감성의 매개효과

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Taesan Bae, Jungsoon Hong
2021 | Journal of Parent Education
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