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IWMPRAISE – An EU Horizon 2020 Project Providing Integrated Weed Management Solutions to European Farmers

Per Kudsk, Mette Sønderskov, Ludovic Bonin, Jose L. Gonzalez-Andujar, Jens Erik Jensen, Bo Melander, Camilla Moonen, Marleen Riemens, Maurizio Sattin, Urs Schaffner, Jonathan Storkey
2020 | Outlooks on Pest Management

Impress: Improving Exposure Assessment Methodologies for Epidemiological Studies on Pesticides

Karen S. Galea, Ioannis Basinas, John W. Cherrie, Samuel Fuhrimann, Anne-Helen Harding, Kate Jones, Hans Kromhout, Johan Ohlander, Andrew Povey, Zulkhairul Naim Sidek Ahmad, Martie van Tongeren, Roel Vermeulen
2019 | Outlooks on Pest Management

Push-Pull Farming System Controls Fall Armyworm: Lessons from Africa

Zeyaur R. Khan, Jimmy O. Pittchar, Charles A. O. Midega, John A. Pickett
2018 | Outlooks on Pest Management
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