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Cromolyn's effects on the immune system [letter]

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G Ciprandi, A Scordamaglia, M Bagnasco, M Caria, W Dirienzo, G F Stefanini, G W Canonica
1986 | Diagnostic immunology

Kappa/lambda ratios [letter]

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K A Ault
1986 | Diagnostic immunology

Variations of serum monoclonal immunoglobulin pattern in nonsecretory myeloma [letter]

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J L Preud'homme, J Gombert, G Touchard, D Gouet
1986 | Diagnostic immunology

Decreased levels of complement components C4 and C2 in lupus erythematosus: genetic defect or complement activation? [letter]

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G Hauptmann, B Uring-Lambert, M Kazatchkine, V Voigtländer, F Bahmer, M Seligmann
1984 | Diagnostic immunology